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Products & ServiceAuto lamps

Zhuzhou Torch Auto Lamp CO., LTD.

  Zhouzhou Torch Auto Lamp CO., Ltd is one of subsidiary company of Weicai Power. It was established in Feb.1998.


  The company is a High-tech Enterprise with research, development, manufacture, sells. It has developed and manufactured three categories products including auto lighting, rear-view mirror and vehicle harness and it has more than 600 types. The lighting product include headlamp, HID lamp, Signal lamp and interior lamps. The rear mirrors include inner & outside rear-view mirror. The harnesses are used for semi-trailer and heavy-truck.

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Contact information



Order line: 0086-731-22881311

E-mail: torchlamp@vip.sina.com

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R & D

20000 +
Global R & D personnel
R & D institutions in five countries, ten regions


  • 5,000,000 units
  • 22-10000Ps
  • 200 million kilowatts
  • Whole areas of application

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