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  • Tan Xuguang: Weichai should be at the Forefront in the Fight...


      In the afternoon of July 16, Tan Xuguang made a special trip to Heze City to investigate the construction of the first phase of Weichai's local poverty relief projects.
      Tan Xuguang said that state-owned enterprises must take responsibility in g...
  • Tan Xuguang Mobilizes Weichai Marketing Squad: Sprint for th...


      At 2 pm on July 14, Weichai Group held the “Sprint for the Volume of a Million Units” sales mobilization meeting. Tan Xuguang pointed out that Weichai is the mainstay of Shandong Heavy Industry Group. It must achieve “six firsts” in the transfo...
  • Tan Xuguang's "Lunch Time"


      At 12:00 in the afternoon of July 14, Tan Xuguang, the chairman of Weichai Group, who just finished the morning special meeting on import and export business, took the lunch time to host a special product development planning meeting to listen to t...
  • Tan Xuguang: Weichai's Export Business Should Speed up Again!


      At 9 am of July 14, in order to implement the strategic plan of "stable foreign trade" in the "six stable" of the CCP Central Committee, Weichai held a special meeting for import and export business.
      In the first half of the year, the export re...
  • Weichai and Global Suppliers Jointly Go All the Way to the H...


      On the afternoon of July 13, after the agreement signing and groundbreaking ceremony of the Weichai International Component Industrial Park project, Tan Xuguang, the chairman of Weichai Group, met non-stop with global high-end suppliers Liebherr, D...

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