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Video | Magnificent Kunlun Mountain, the power of Faith for Weichai

[video:视频 | 巍巍昆仑 潍柴国六动力挑战海拔4768米]

Magnificent Kunlun, the ancestor of all mountains

Pilgrimage people use the body to measure the earth

The holy place of faith

Every year, Weichai “Extreme Condition” test team arrives as scheduled

Just for the faith in their heart - to make the best engine in the world

Because of faith, we challenge the cold and the heat

Cross the Kunlun Mountains in the restricted area of life

Because of faith, we are firm

To climb the peak of global power

Faith, the deepest source of power

Why can Weichai lead all the way?

Just because of

The burden on their shoulders - revitalizing the national industry

The dream in their heart - becoming the backbone of Chinese manufacturing



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  • 25-10000Ps 
  • 200 million kilowatts
  • Whole areas of application

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