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World Internal Combustion Engine Conference | Weichai's High-end Power "Luxury Line" Stunning the Audience!


From Nov. 9 to 11, 2018 World Internal Combustion Engine Conference was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. Weichai debuted with its independent power and core components, showing strength and ambition of China's independent innovation to the world.






Weichai exhibited WP2.3N, WP3N, WP4.6N, RA428, WP7NG, WP9H, WP10H remanufactured engines, as well as core components and self-developed ECUs.

WP9H engine

As an outstanding representative of Weichai H platform, WP9H engine attracted a large number of guests at the scene. The H platform is known for its “reliability and durability” and B10 lifespan of 1.8 million km/30,000 hours.

WP3N engine

WP4.6 engine

WP2.3N, WP3N and WP4.6N are the new generation of light-duty engine of Weichai. Its power, environmental protection and comfort are benchmarked to the world's first-class level. It is a the most powerful weapon for Weichai developing light-duty vehicle market.

Self-developed ECU

Weichai self-developed ECU is also the focus of attention. At present, Weichai ECU has been applied on engines in batches, which is the pride of China's self-developed core.

WP7NG gas engine




As the backbone of the industry's energy-saving, emission reduction and green manufacturing, Weichai not only brought high-efficiency fuel-efficient diesel engine, but also exhibited a new generation of gas engine and remanufactured engines to protect our blue sky. 


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