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China Central TV | Weichai Baudouin: Mediterranean Power from China


On Nov. 22, CCTV-4’s program "Home of Distance" aired the 436th episode of the "Belt and Road" series, Sino-French Cooperate Stably to a New Height". The filming crew came to Marseille, France, and went to Baudouin to feel the vitality of Weichai Baudouin.




In 2009, Baudouin joined Weichai. With injection of Chinese power, Baudouin got out of the dilemma and embarked on the path of fast development. By now, Weichai Baudouin engines have been installed on city ferries in New York city.

With the help of Weichai, Baudouin, a century-old enterprise, sailed from Mediterranean to a wider sea. 


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20000 +
Global R & D personnel
R & D institutions in five countries, ten regions


  • 4,000,000 units
  • 25-10000Ps 
  • 200 million kilowatts
  • Whole areas of application

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