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Greatly increase 70% / Weichai LD Engine Supporting Half School Bus Market in China in 2018


At present, 2019 SHIG-Weichai Power Business Conference Bus Power Branch was held in Xi’an, showed the Weichai Bus Engines 2018 transcript-sales volume increase in bad situation, especially the bus engines greatly increased 70% and accounted for 52% of national sales volume.


Weichai School Bus Engines - Sharp Series supported the “half” school bus market in China in 2018. From January to October, 2018, the sales volume of School Bus Engines WP2.3, WP3.7 and WP4.1 engine showed 140%, 44% and 65.8% year-on-year growth respectively.

Reliable and comfort- first choice of safe school bus

In 2018, 5.2 out of 10 school buses were equipped with Weichai engine. The biggest reasons of selecting Weichai are high reliability, comfort performance, fuel saving and environmental protection of Weichai school bus engines!

In 2019, Weichai will launch a new generation school bus engine-N platform light engine, which not only firstly meets the CN VI emission standard, but also represents the first class level of light engines in China, and is the ideal engine of safe school bus.

Considerate-Weichai service wins trust

Weichai has more than 5,000 authorized service centers throughout China, independently develops the smart cloud platform and can provide the accurate, efficient and intelligent management service. Based on the school bus segment market, Weichai specially provides the “warm” service policy:

“Three-guarantee period” of school bus products is five years without consideration of mileage; if the school bus has fault, Weichai will firstly solve the problem and then analyze the responsibilities to ensure the driving of school bus. Weichai will let the school bus operators and parents have nothing to worry about.




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