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Weichai Produces the Six Millionth Engine to Start the Planning for the 100-billion-dollar Industrial Park


At the 2019 Global Supplier Conference held on December 14th, Weichai summarized the achievements in 2018, held the 6 millionth engine off-line ceremony on site, and jointly launched the construction of Weichai (Weifang) 100-billion-dollar Industrial Park with the Weifang Municipal Government.

Weichai achieved high quality growth in 2018

In 2018, Weichai continued to maintain high-quality growth. Tan Xuguang, party secretary and chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and chairman of Weichai Group, said that Weichai Group expects to achieve operating income of 240 billion yuan in 2018, an increase of 8% year-on-year; Sales of 700,000 engines, an increase of 13%.

In 2018, Weichai continued to deepen its own "Belt and Road" strategy. On November 18th, the Weichai-Maz project officially began trial production in Belarus, which was built and put into production in the same year. On September 11, in Vladivostok, under the witness of President Xi Jinping and President Putin, Weichai and Kamaz signed a strategic cooperation agreement. On November 6, during the first China International Import Expo, Weichai signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the world's third largest mining card manufacturer, Belaz, marking that Weichai’s 500 kW high-speed engines have entered the international market.

In the face of the new emission upgrade challenges, Weichai transformed the challenge into a development opportunity. On September 4, Weichai and Bosch jointly launched the initiative of “Blue Sky Defense Alliance” in Beijing and took the lead in achieving the China VIb certification. The full range of China VIb products is now ready, and the industry position continues to be stable.

Continue to promote the implementation of 2020-2030 strategy and controls the three core technologies of new energy commercial vehicle through introducing advanced HPDI technology from Westport, hydrogen fuel cell engine from the world's leading hydrogen fuel cell leader, Ballard, and cooperation with the SOFC supplier, Ceres Power.  This year, Weichai won the third China Quality Award for its achievements in the manufacturing industry and successfully passed the First Prize Notification of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

The reform and innovation of Weichai has been highly recognized by General Secretary Xi Jinping. He said that the Weichai has delivered a wonder result with the ten years of development. Any successful enterprise that has climbed to the top of its career must rely on its focus on the main business.

Weichai's six millionth engine rolled off the assembly line

On the morning of the same day, Weichai held the six millionth engine off-line ceremony. After the start button was pressed by Liu Shuguang, the chairman of the Weifang Municipal Party Committee and the director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, the WP9H/10H engine in the Weichai No. 1 factory was successfully rolled off the line witnessed by the crowd.

From the establishment of the factory in the 1940s to the current international enterprise group, Weichai has launched numerous phenomenon-level products based on innovation and customer demand in the development process of 72 years, which not only mastered the key core technologies, but also profoundly changed the trajectory of China's power industry.

Guided by the concept of “self-based joint innovation”, Weichai has achieved a historic leap from introducing and digesting to re-innovation and finally to independent innovation. With the successful launch of WP13, H series, M series, N series and other engines, Weichai has created China's "power heart" with completely independent intellectual property rights, and has completely solved the dilemma of China's lack of core technology for heavy-duty powertrains. At present, Weichai has provided 6 million engines for customers around the world, with a power coverage of 22-10,000kW. The products are widely used in commercial vehicles, construction machineries, ships, agriculture machineries, power generation, etc. Weichai now has become a kingdom of power for all application in every field.

The 100-billion-dollar industrial park plan officially launched

The development of Weichai has contributed to the development of Weifang City and even Shandong Province. Shandong Province and Weifang City have also created a good economic ecology for the development of Weichai. In order to give full play to the leading role of Weichai, Weifang City will speed up the construction of the 100-billion-dollar industrial park, attracting a large number of international advanced enterprises to settle in Weifang, and promote the city's economic and social development. The conference released the initial plan for the Park.

Weichai (Weifang) 100-billion-dollar industrial park is the key support for Weifang City to build a trillion-scale enterprise and build an international power city that provides parts for the automobile and equipment manufacturing industry. The overall goal is to support 1,000 part manufacturers to set up factories in the Park. The investment will reach 200 billion yuan, and the annual output value will reach 500 billion yuan after putting into operation. Weifang City will fully support the global suppliers of Weichai to build production bases and R&D platforms in the Park. While providing more stable, high quality and cheaper parts for Weichai, they will also provide high quality and efficient facilities for domestic and foreign enterprises, and share the results of joint development.

Under the joint witness of Liu Shuguang, Tan Xuguang, and other relevant leaders of Weifang City and Weichai Group, Deputy Mayor Wang Shuhua and Weichai Power Executive CEO Zhang Quan signed the strategic cooperation agreement for Weichai (Weifang) 100-billion-dollar industrial park. Sun Jian, the Purchasing Director of Weichai Power, signed the investment framework agreement with the representatives of the Knorr Group, Sofima Group and ABB Group. Tan Xuguang said that he hopes that the development of Weichai will drive the development of the suppliers. In the future, we will build a highly qualified supplier system with a strategic vision, and build a comprehensive supplier system that will strive for a high-quality supplier system. We will also create a clean and honest supplier system, a first-class quality control system, and a supplier system that invigorates the high-quality development of local economy.

Liu Shuguang said that Weifang City will provide “nanny-style” services and sufficient resources for Weichai’s development. The City will work together with Weichai to provide preferential land, fiscal and taxation, talent service policies, environment and conditions for Weichai International Power City, create an excellent industrial ecology to support Weichai (Weifang) 100-billion-dollar industrial park to accelerate high Quality development. 


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