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Tan Xuguang: On the Ten Relationships of the New Group


On February 23, the annual work meeting of Shandong Heavy Industry ? Weichai Power 2019 was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi. Tan Xuguang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and chairman of Weichai Power, reviewed the unforgettable 2018. He demonstrated the ten relationships of the new group from a philosophical perspective, researched and deployed the important work this year, and proposed new requirement for leaders of all levels.

The formation of these ten relationships is key logic of the specific period based on philosophy as the theory, strategy as the direction, and tactics as the implementation method. 

On the Ten Relationships of the new Group 

1. Relationship between strategy and tactics.

2. Relationship between vehicle/machinery and powertrain.

3. Relationship between competition and cooperation.

4. Relationship between domestic and international market.

5. Relationship between resource sharing and proprietary technology.

6. Relationship between traditional and new business.

7. Relationship between independent and open innovation.

8. Relationship between talent investment and pursuit for first-class.

9. Relationship between appreciation from yourself and others.

10. Relationship between core culture and multiculturalism.

The ten relationships of the new Group will help the new Group to win the tough battles of high-quality development in 2019 under the new situation and lay the most solid foundation for achieving the strategic goal of 2020-2030!  

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