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High-quality Development | Tan Xuguang: Aligning with World-class Quality


On February 7th, 2019, Weichai Group held a quality work conference to recognize advanced quality workers, first-line innovative craftsmen and the most respected craftsmen.Tan Xuguang made an important speech at the conference.

Tan Xuguang presented the award to Wang Shujun, the most respected craftsman of Weichai Group.

At the conference, Tan Xuguang comprehensively summarized the achievements in quality work in recent years, pointed out the problems existing in the current quality work, and put forward clear requirements for future quality work.

The conference spirit requires all departments to unswervingly implement the following requirement: target assessment, effective system, strict prevention and taking responsibility. The Group will be in line with the international first-class quality, and make greater contributions to pursuit for high-end and high-quality development!

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