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Contrarian growth | Weichai Group's One Millionth Landking Engine Successfully Launched


  At 8:30 on April 1, Weichai Group held the “One millionth Landking engine off-line ceremony” at No. 2 Factory. 

  Landking engine is the high-power and high-speed engine with independent intellectual property rights independently developed by Weichai. Since its launch in the market more than ten years ago, Landking engine has won high praise and wide acclaim from customers for its excellent performance.

  The commercial vehicle powertrain developed around Landking engine won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2018, which indicates that this scientific and technological achievement has been highly recognized by the state.

  Today, the one millionth engine of Landking has been successfully launched, which will surely be a milestone in the history of Weichai development.




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