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Tan Xuguang: Make Theory and Technology Breakthrough in the ICE Reliability of China


  At 9:00 am on April 13, 2019, the 8th International Conference of ICE Reliability Technology was held in Beijing. More than 1,000 experts, scholars and industry representatives from more than 270 universities, research institutes and enterprises gathered to discuss the basic theory and common key technologies of engine reliability to promote the progress of China's ICE reliability technology.

  The conference was sponsored by the State Key Laboratory of Engine Reliability (SKLER). SKLER Director Tan Xuguang delivered a speech, saying that he hopes that this platform could provide support for the innovative activities of “industry-university-institute-government”, assist theory and technology breakthrough of engine reliability in China, and promote the implementation of China’s energy-saving, emission-reduction and environment protection strategy. 

  The conference has been successfully held for 8 times since 2012. Its influence has been continuously enhanced, which makes it a well-known international academy exchange platform.



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