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Weichai and Global Suppliers Jointly Go All the Way to the High-end


On the afternoon of July 13, after the agreement signing and groundbreaking ceremony of the Weichai International Component Industrial Park project, Tan Xuguang, the chairman of Weichai Group, met non-stop with global high-end suppliers Liebherr, Delphi, BorgWarner and Woodward, to explore further cooperation models and moved to the high-end.

Tan Xuguang met with Patrick Schulz, General Manager of Liebherr (China)

Tan Xuguang met with Tod Anderson, senior vice president of Delphi Group and president of diesel business

Tan Xuguang met with Brady Ericson, Vice President of BorgWarner Group

Tan Xuguang met with Andreas Lingens, Vice President of Woodward Diesel Systems

It is reported that the first phase of the Industrial Park covers an area of 680 mu with an estimated investment of 10.6 billion RMB. At present, it has attracted 20 high-end suppliers of Weichai from all over the world to Weifang.


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